How to Send a Campaign in Batches (Campaign New UI)

As an alternative to sending a campaign to all recipients at the same time, you can use Batch Settings to set the campaign to send over a number of hours or days. You could send 200 emails per 30 minutes or 1000 emails per hour.

There are a few reasons why you might want to use batch settings, these include enabling you to review times and days which see a better response level, warming up domains, as well as helping you to keep enquiries and responses manageable when sending to very large audiences.


Please Note. batch sending is not to be used with RSS Feeds.



Batch Settings can be found in the Schedule dropdown tab of the Campaign Details screen.


Batch Volume

The first field allows you to set a batch volume. You can type in the number for the batches as well as picking from the dropdown from a predefined list.

Batch Frequency

The second field allows you to set the batch frequency between "Per Day" to "Per 15 Minutes"


Initiating your campaign with Batch Settings

Once you have set these two variables, you can initiate your campaign as you would normally. GatorMail will then automatically batch contacts from your total audience and send the campaign in batches either hourly or daily after the campaign is initiated. The last batch may be smaller than the others where the audience is divisible by the Batch Volume. E.g 102,000 contacts in batches of 10,000 will send ten batches of 10,000 and one batch of 2,000


Continuous Sending

Please note that GatorMail will continue to send in batches based on your settings on a continuous basis. This means that campaigns will continue sending through the night if set to Per hour or through the weekend if set to Per day. To avoid sending emails at unwanted times, ensure that your Batch Volume is set so that the entire audience is sent the campaign in the desired timeframe. E.g: Sending 500,000 emails Monday to Friday only - You would need to initiate your campaign on Monday and set the Batch Settings to 100,000 per day. You can also set up Time and Day settings to avoid any emails being sent at night.