Testing Personalisation

At Spotler, a key feature of GatorMail is using our personalisation tools in order to address your contacts and appear more personal.


What to do when your campaign test is not correctly populating with the data of the contact?

When using a personalisation and sending a test to yourself, if the personalisation doesn’t pull through, check to see which contact is being mimicked by going to the Testing Section of the campaign, then click on the New Test button in the Full Campaign Test box you will then see this popup:



If it says the contact that is being mimicked is support@communigator.co.uk this can explain why the personalisation hasn’t pulled through, as the support@communigator.co.uk may not have the relevant fields filled out for the personalisation to work. 


In order to check whether the contact has data in the relevant fields you will need to head over to Audience -> Contacts. You will then be able to go into the contact record and view the data in the Fields tab, you will also be able to edit certain fields if you would like. 




You could also try using a different contact with the relevant fields filled out. In order to select a new contact to mimic you will need to select a new contact and search for the exact contact you would like to mimic. 



If you are still having issues pulling the relevant data in then please contact our Support team.