Reminder Email Rules within the Events System

Reminder emails are attached to an event you have made within CommuniGator, and will be sent to the bookers/delegates on the time and date of your choice. 

When attaching a reminder email you need to ensure that the email fits the rules of reminders. Otherwise, an error will appear when attempting to attach.

The Rules

1. In a reminder, you can insert links via the hyperlink manager, but they must not be tracked links. You can also insert a document via the hyperlink manager, but not via insert document link.

In a reminder email you cannot have anything attached that will affect the results of the original campaign.

Below is a list of CommuniGator functions that DO NOT meet the reminder email rules and will not allow you to save the reminder in the events setup.

1. View In Browser

2. Landing Page

3. Tracked links

4. Document Links

5. Unsubscribe

6. Send To A Friend

7. Calendar Link

8. Any Dynamic Content or Salutation.

9. Articles

10. Social Media Links


PLEASE NOTE : If you have inserted a template into the reminder email, removed all the links etc and the reminder is still not saving, make sure that you have checked that all images and social media icons links have been removed.