Waiting List Settings

Setting up your Waiting List

If your Event has a maximum capacity, you will probably want to enable Waiting List Settings, to create a queue of individuals who are waiting for a space to become available.

You can tailor a Message to appear on the 3 different booking stages:

The Landing Page

The Booking Form

The Booking Confirmation.

These messages will appear if the maximum number of attendees has already been booked.

Moving a contact from Waiting List to Booked

If your Event is fully booked, and there are contacts added onto the Waiting List, then if one of your attendees drops out, then you are able to move a contact from the Waiting List into the Booked List.


The first thing you need to do is go to Manage Bookings using the pencil icon to the right hand side of your Event name.

  1. Navigate to the Waiting List tab at the top
  2. Next to the contact that you are moving to "Booked", you can click onto the Booking Ref number
  1. First change the Status from Waiting List to "Paid"
  2. You will likely want to inform the contact that their place has now been confirmed, so use the "Send Booker/Delegates Confirmation" button at the top to fire off the Confirmation Email from the Event setup
  3. Save and Close will update the booking. You would then see this contact under the "Paid" Bookings tab, or "All Bookings"