SendForensics is a new third party app that aims to help identify potential issues with your deliverability, based on content, before you send your campaign.

You can send your campaign to be analysed by SendForensics at the point you would normally perform Inbox Checker and sending yourself a test.

Main dashboard

  1. Filter analysis enables you to select from different senders (e.g. in our case, Lee Chadwick, Amy Johnson etc) and if you have more than one domain, those can be selected here too.
  2. Click the thumbnails to select the campaign you'd like to view analysis on
  3. Snapshot – a summary of the campaign report
  4. Content – report how your content may effect your deliverability
  5. Infrastructure – report on the technical aspect of your deliverability (we take care of this)
  6. A benchmark for how your campaigns potential deliverability may perform, based on all data in SendForensics
  7. Your potential deliverability score (please note: anything over 80% is regarded as good)
  8. An industry benchmark for how your campaigns potential deliverability may perform, based on all data in SendForensics
  9. A summary of where your content may be hindering your deliverability (click for in depth report)
  10. A summary of how your infrastructure may be effecting your deliverability (click for in depth report)


Green - good

Amber - may need attention

Red - problems identified

Content Dashboard

For the most part, SendForensics will provide you with commentary and in-product help that explains each of the areas of your email it analyses and whether it needs attention. It's important to keep in mind that the flags are based on previous machine learnings and do change, so while 'Facebook' may be blacklisted now, it might be fine in months to come.

  1. Copywriting - this area assess your overall tone and whether it is naturally conversational or overly promotional. Keep in mind it is hard to keep it "naturally conversational" if you are sending a sales email, and that you should keep your intentions clear.
  2. Problematic phrases - may or may not be actual flags. In the example below, the sender's signature and name are flagged as problematic, but from a common sense point of view, it is required.
  3. Coding and layout - problematic HTML (common offenders are unclosed tags and empty tables) will be flagged here. If you have issues flagged with your coding, please contact
  4. Link quality - typically unsecure websites (e.g. without https:// at the beginning) or urls that redirect too many times
  5. Data collection - if your email links to a web capture form or booking form, it'll check the security of the link
  6. Legal compliance - this will assess things like unsubscribe links, if you have any issues here, please contact your account manager


This screen assesses the infrastructure of your sender domain. This area is taken care of by us, but if you have any issues flagged, please contact your account manager.