Refresh Non-Recurring Rules in a Campaign Series

In a campaign series, you have the option to choose what type of campaign type you would like the series to be. You have two options:

  • Refresh Non-Recurring
  • Static

If you use refresh non-recurring, there are some rules you have to follow.

Closing Date and Time

Closing Date and Time

1. The close date and time setting is particularly important here, as it can prevent your campaign series from running in its entirety. Consider the following example:

You have 3 campaigns in your series: week one, two and three. They all have an end date of the 10/10/15. The first email goes out one week after the contact is added to the campaign, the second email goes a week later, and the third a week after that, meaning the total duration of the campaign series is 3 weeks. 

A contact gets added to the series 2 weeks before the end date. This contact will not receive the 3rd campaign in the series as the campaign would have closed and no longer will send to anyone. 

You have to take in to consideration how long your series should be running so that all the contacts receive all campaigns in the series, no matter when they are added to the group.

Excluding Contacts from a Series

Excluding Contacts from a Series

1. You also have the option to exclude contacts from the series so that they are no longer receiving your campaigns.

For Example:

This is great if your series is for booking onto an event. If a content makes a booking after the first email, the second and third of the series may cease to be relevant for them, so you will want to make sure they are not sent further campaigns. 

Creating an exclusion group for your master group is the way to do this. The exclusion group can have the group rule ‘booked on event to the specific event’ or you can manually add contacts to the this group.

With 'Suppress Contacts' ticked when the exclusion group updates the master group removing those contacts this will stop the contacts from receiving the rest of the series.

NOTE: if the contact gets re-added to the group they will again start receiving the series.