Campaign Series

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to create a campaign series which is also known as a drip campaign.
Depending on your marketing strategy, you can plan out a campaign series over the course of weeks, months or even years.

1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.

2. Click here to add a new Campaign Series.

3. Click here to use the filter search option. Click here again to remove the filter/search you applied.

4. Clicking a letter will show you all Campaign Series that start with that letter.

5. These are the tick boxes for selecting multiple Campaign Series at once when moving them to different folders.

6. This is the name of the Campaign Series.

7. This is the description of the Campaign Series, the description is not searchable but can still be useful.

8. This is the date the Campaign Series was created.

9. This is the status of the Campaign Series.

10. This is the action you can take on the Campaign Series such as Initiate or looking at Results.

11. Select the bin icon to delete the series.

12. This is your folder tree.


Campaign Setup for Campaign Series

Each individual campaign for the series must be created, tested and initiated first before you can go ahead and create your campaign series

This process is exactly like setting up an ordinary marketing campaign (For example, attaching the creative email, adjusting the close date and time etc.)
HOWEVER there are some slight changes that will need to be made in order for these campaigns to be attached to a campaign series. ACTION TYPE has to be a Campaign Series type.

Once you are happy with the settings of each campaign you can go ahead and initiate them.

Please Note: It is very important to mention at this point that the close date and time for each individual campaign needs to be set ahead of the series close date and time, Otherwise you may have a campaign in the series that cannot be sent due to the campaign itself being expired.

The Campaigns that you use for the series must be tested & Initiated prior to adding them to a Campaign series!

Campaign series setup

Campaign series setup

1. Series Name- This is the name of the Campaign series, you can rename the campaign series name at any point.

2. Group- Select the Group that you would like to use for the Campaign Series

3. Series Action type- Select  Campaign Series Action Type

   Static - will prepare the series for all contacts within the master group at the point of initiation.

   Refresh Non-recurring - allows additional contacts to be added to the master group.

4. Suppress Contacts- If you would like to suppress contacts during the series, this option will need to be selected. In order for this to work, you will need to create an exclusion group within the master group that is attached to the series.

5. Set the start date and end date of the series.  (Need to make sure end date is in future, otherwise some contacts will not receive all of the emails within the series.)

6. Series Status - This option will only appear once the campaign series has been initiated, It will show you when the campaign was first sent and when it was sent. This is a useful tool to ensure that you campaign series is working correctly.

7. De-dupe audience - We do have an optional feature within the campaign series which is to de-dupe the series audience by email address. If you are unable to see this option within your CommuniGator environment, then please contact the CommuniGator support desk who will be able to activate this feature for you. However if this feature is not enabled that it is more than likely that you will not send to duplicate contacts in the database.


Please Note: When a new contact is added into the group they will start at the beginning of the series.

Remove Contacts

  1. Search for contact to be removed from series.
  2. Remove all contacts from series.

Note: This is only available when the Campaign Series has be initiated.

Campaign Selection

Campaign Selection
  1. Select when you would like your campaigns to be sent in the series
  2. The offset times for each campaign are governed by the previous campaign in the series. For example, if the 2nd campaign in the series is set to 1 week this will send 1 week after the 1ST CAMPAIGN is sent. And so on.


Campaigns Added in the Series

You have the option to change the offset period by clicking on the pencil icon that appears to the left of the campaign name. You also have the ability to adjust the order of the campaigns using the arrow icons here.  


Please Note: Once this campaign series has been initiated you do not have the option to change the order or change the time periods.

Initiate Series

Campaign Series Initiation Screen

Once you have clicked the initiate screen on the previous page you will be taken to this screen which will allow you to initiate the campaign. But before you initiate the campaign you can check that everything has been set up correctly.


Campaign Series - Results

From an analytics point of view, you can measure the marketing benefit of the series using two methods either by:

Campaign Series results  which provides you with an overview of all campaigns.  (Export to excel)

Individual Campaign Results - which provides you with a more detailed report.