Choosing a Template in Campaign Setup

Using templates are a great way to create your campaign quickly, following a specific email design you may wish to use.
Whilst you can create your email separately then attach it to your campaign, it is far easier to create your email in the campaign setup.

This guide will show you how to navigate to template selection from your campaign screen and setup.

Create your Campaign

1. Select 'Add New Campaign' from your GatorMail Campaign dashboard.

2. Select Traditional Campaign

3. Give your campaign an appropriate name.

4. Click 'Create New Campaign'. This will launch you into campaign setup.

Email Creation

1. Go to the Email tab within your campaign setup screen.

2. Select 'New Email'

3. Choose the type of email you wish to use.

For this article we will show you GatorCreator and GatorMail.


Give your email a name, description and subject line.
Once the details have been added, select 'Create New Email'.

Once you have selected 'Create New Email' it will bring up the screen shown above.
This is where you can select your custom template, or use a standard of seasonal template.

Please be aware that clicking the pencil icon next to the template names above will edit the template themselves, and not the email design.


Like in the GatorCreator email you need to provide a name, description, and subject line before you can proceed with the design.

Clicking 'Create New Email' will take you into the HTML Editor.

To insert a template, select the paper icon indicated above.

This will be the screen which appears. It allows you to select from your own custom templates or use online standard templates we have created.

Please Note: If they do not use a MailTo link and leave the address, it will display blue when the email is received as it will be read as a link.