Result Screen Definitions

To access the results screen in CommuniGator, click into the 'Campaigns' section, and then click the 'Results' button for the campaign you wish to look at. This will take you to the results screen for that specific campaign. This Article will take you through the overview of the results and their meaning.

Accessing Results

The 'Results' button may appear as amber coloured, or green. Amber means that the campaign is still in the process of sending, whereas green means that it has finished sending.

Top Bar

  1. Total emails sent by this campaign 
  2. How many of your emails were delivered - Some emails may not be delivered due to bounces or technical issues. 
  3. How many of your emails were opened - this counts multiple opens for one user, not just unique opens
  4. How many clicks on your email - Total clicks (again, not unique clicks)
  5. How many people have engaged with your email (opened and clicked).
  6. Click here for a drop down/overview of the results

Show Results

  1. How many unique opens of your email, (individual email addresses and not how many times opened).
  2. How many of your emails bounced  - this includes hard,soft and other bounces.
  3. How many of your emails not opened, this counts for unique opens.
  4. Overall percentage of emails opened, including mobile phones.e.g. 45.71% opened in which 5.71% mobile, this means 40% of your emails opened on a computer. This is for unique opens. This is worked out by dividing unique opens by delivered x 100.
  5. Overall percentage of clicks on your email. This is for unique clicks. This is worked out by dividing unique clicks by delivered x 100.
  6. Contacts who have unsubscribed from this campaign.
  7. Contacts who have referred your email (used the send to a friend function).
  8. Overall percentage of your click to open rate. This would be your unique clicks divided by your unique opens x 100.
  9. This is a list breaking down everything in your campaign, such as how many landing zone clicks, how many bounces specifying hard or soft or other. If you have a follow up attached to your campaign this is also how you view how many have gone out.
  10. This will also show you if anyone has complained about your email (marked as junk).