Campaigns - Dashboard

This is where all your campaigns live.

Here you can perform a number of tasks including viewing the results of your campaigns, sorting your campaigns into folders, and performing industry comparisons.

  1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.
  2. This allows you to create a new Campaign.
  3. This is where you will see the title of your Campaigns in list format.
  4. Here is where you can filter by name/notes/date created, in order to find particular campaigns.
  5. This button will hide the folder section to the left.
  6. This tickbox allows you to select individual campaigns, which enables you to move them into different folders.
  7. This is where your notes for campaigns are visible.
  8. This displays the date that the campaign was first created.
  9. This details which type of campaign it is, be that Traditional or Quick Campaign. Hovering over the icon will indicate which.
  10. These icons indicate whether you have run an Inbox Check or GatorAI. If completed, the icon turns purple as shown above.
  11. This is where you can see if your Campaign has been either Initiated, still in Set Up, or is Finished sending. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that the campaign has reached its' End Date.
  12. This is a shorter route to either initiating the Campaign without going into it, or viewing the Results.
  13. The bin icons are how you can delete your campaigns.