User Settings

For your GatorSocial account you can alter your profile and more in the User Settings. This article will show you the features you can utilise in the User Settings.

Please Note: You can only change your user role if you are an Admin User.

My Profile

To navigate to this section select the settings cog icon at the bottom left, then select 'My Settings' and 'My Profile'.
In this section you can change your basic details such as your name, email address, timezone, and user role.

Please expand the below sections to see more about the various User Settings available to you.

Social Login

In this section you can update your personal social profiles.



On the Notifications Tab you will see a variety of notification settings. You can go through all of these settings and tick the relevant box to decide whether you would like notifications to appear via email, in app, or not at all.


Update Password

Here you can update your password.