Advocacy Boards

As part of GatorSocial+, you receive the Advocacy Board functionality. This allows you to communicate as a company between yourselves, generating ideas and recommending external content.  


Your Board

  1. To access your board click on the megaphone icon on the left side bar.
  2. Here you will see any boards you currently have set up with the number of advocates in it. Click the title of the board to open it.
  3. To create another board (or your first), select 'New Board'.


Exploring your Advocacy Board


  1. You will default to the 'Messages' tab when entering your Advocacy Board. In this board you will see a list of all messages created.
  2. To create a message select 'New Message'.
  3. The Filters section here is the same as in any other part of GatorSocial. You can filter by various options to show a list of specific content.
  4. You can also search a specific phrase, name, or tag to find content.
  5. The bell icon highlights content as 'important'. This means when the content is published to the board an advocate is notified.
  6. The Status column shows the status of each message. They can be either Approved or Declined.
  7. This is a collection of statistics and tags identifying the messages.



  1. The Topics section allows you to create and mark topics which your social posts will sit under.
  2. Click here to 'Add Topics' to the list.
  3. The search option enables you to easily find a certain topic in the list.
  4. All of your created topics will sit in this list.
  5. The number of times the topics is used in active messages is shown here.
  6. You can edit or delete a topic using the pencil and cross icon respectively.

Please Note: The Topics Section is only available to you if you are an Admin User.



  1. In the Suggestions tab you will find a list of advocate post suggestions.
  2. As with the other GatorSocial pages you can search via keywords to find a certain suggestion.
  3. The dropdown allows you to filter by Pending, Accepted, Published, and Accepted.
  4. The icon on the left of each suggestion allows you to see the status of the suggestion e.g. whether it has been accepted, is pending, or has been rejected.
  5. The plus icon allows you to create a new message and the cross icon rejects the suggestion.



  1. In the Advocates tab you will see a list of all board advocates.
  2. You can 'Invite Advocates' using the button here.
  3. You can search for a specific advocate name using this search bar.
  4. To export a file of all you advocates to a CSV, click the cloud icon.
  5. Here is the advocate name and email address.
  6. When an advocate was last active is shown here as a date or as 'Pending Invite' if they have not yet logged in.
  7. The number of shares an advocate has made is shown here.



  1. The settings tab holds all general settings.
  2. Under the General tab you will see Board specific settings.
  3. You can edit the board name here.
  4. The expiration date of posts is shown here.
  5. These tickboxes allow you to show a Leader Board for some friendly competition, and enable advocates to make suggestions.
  6. Clicking here will save your current settings and any changes made.

Under 'Notifications' you will find the settings for sending push notifications. You can choose to send post notifications every day, every week, or never. You can also set the times the notifications will send to advocates.

Please Note: Notifications will send based on the advocates timezone.


Under 'Signup' you will find an invitation section.

  1. You can choose to join the advocacy board without an invitation.
  2. If this is set to 'No' then you need to share the invitation link highlighted above.
  3. You can also limit those who join by their email domain. In this anyone who doesn't have an domain and attempts to join the advocacy board will be unable to do so.


Under Custom Branding