Post Campaigns

Instead of creating posts individually you can create a Post Campaign.
A Post Campaign is where you have multiple posts which all relate to the same thing. For example, you could have a post campaign for "Lead Generation Seminar 1" where you have 10 social posts across different networks for that one topic.
This is really useful when you want to filter by Campaign and have a neater workspace.

This article will show you how to create a Post Campaign and explore where your Campaigns are stored.

The Campaign Dashboard

Your Campaigns all live under one page. This is where you see a list of all past, present, and scheduled campaigns and a brief stats overview.

  1. Select the icon in the left side toolbar.
  2. Then select 'Campaigns'. You will then be on the Campaign "dashboard".
  3. Here is the list of all of your campaigns. They are colour coded for each campaign.
  4. A brief statistics overview is displayed here. If there are no available statistics then it is a campaign which has yet to go out.
  5. Use the search bar to search for a specific campaign name.
  6. Select 'New Campaign' to start creating a new campaign.


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Controlling your Campaign

Simply clicking these options on the right will pause, purge, or archive the campaign.

You will find these settings by clicking into the Campaign Name and selecting the 'Settings' tab.

Creating a Campaign
  1. Select 'New Campaign'
  2. A new window will pop up. Type in the name of your Campaign.
  3. Here you can add your Campaign Tags. These help you filter out your Campaigns in the Filter.
  4. Select 'Create Campaign'.

You cannot create Campaigns or posts if you are a Reader User Role.

  1. Start social post creation by selecting 'Schedule Your First Post'.

This is the next view that will appear. It is for scheduling/creating your first post.
For the above you can see this is for a Facebook post.

2. The Facebook icon is selected, thus this is a Facebook post. You can switch between the Social Platform icons to change social channel.

3. This is the social account you are posting to. As you can see, ours is called 'CommuniGator'.

4. The following icons are post additions. From left to right these are: the name of the campaign, add a video or image, choose an audience, and copy to a board.

Choosing an Audience will bring up the above window. This allows you to choose select people to see your post. Once selected only those in that post audience will see said post.


5. Selecting the smiley face icon will add in an emoji of your choosing.


6. Change the account to post to by selecting the drop down next to your account name.

7. Select the clock icon to change when the post is scheduled to go out.

8. Select the person icon to change who of your LinkedIn network sees the post.

9. Select 'Share Now' to send out the post, schedule the post, or save the post as a draft.


This is the window which will display when selecting an audience off LinkedIn.

This is the date scheduler. You can select to add it to a queue, or pick a specific date and time for the post to send.

Auto-Scheduling Posts

If you click into each campaign you are able to see another calendar view as shown above.

1. Select 'Autoposter' to show the auto-posting tab.


  1. Select the Social Profile you want to set up posts for by switching through the tabs and selecting the account name.
  2. Select 'Next'.


3. Select messages via the checkboxes which you want to auto-post.

4. Select 'Next'.


5. Select either 'Queue Settings' or 'Time Range'.

6. Select a 'Start Date'.

7. Select an 'End Date'.

8. Select a 'Start Time'.

9. Select an 'End Time'.

10. Select what days from the 'Weekdays' drop down.

11. Then select 'Generate Schedule'.



Your Campaign Messages

In the Messages tab you can see all the messages in your Post Campaign.
You can also create new messages in this area for the Post Campaign.



Campaign Settings

Within the Campaign Settings you can change the following:

  1. Change the Campaign Name here.
  2. Add or Remove the tags here.
  3. Add a Link to be used for quick pasting into campaign messages.
  4. You can also change the Campaign Colour by clicking on the coloured circle.
  5. Once you have made any changes make sure you click 'Save'.