GatorSocial+ Dashboard

Your Oktopost Dashboard is a convenient and quick way for you to see some overall stats on your Account Performance.

This article will walk you through what you will find on the dashboard and how it benefits you in keeping track on your social statistics.

Account Performance

  1. Here you will see the number of posts shared.
  2. Here are the number of link clicks across all of your posts.
  3. In this graph you will see the number of conversions from website. A conversion is any action a user takes which holds value to your business. For example, clicking a link to a website sale.
  4. Your conversion value is quantified here. This is theoretically how much money those conversion actions are "generating" for your business.


Clicking on the mini graph will expand it into the full screen graph.

Most Recent Campaigns

The following section is a list of your most recent campaigns and a brief stats view (posts, link clicks, conversions, and the created date).
They are colour coded according to the campaign itself.

Clicking into the Campaign Name will bring up the Campaign Calendar view so you can see when this was scheduled/sent out.