Your Inbox

The inbox is where any activity on your social posts are stored. These can be comments, mentions, and likes.
You can also track posts assigned to certain GatorSocial Users.

  1. You default to the general inbox tab.
  2. This is the tab where any communications assigned to you are stored.
  3. The next tab is communications assigned to anyone.
  4. Here are the list of communications such as comments or mentions. Clicking in to an individual post will show it as a preview in the right hand pane.
  1. Clicking on to a post in the left pane will show you the full post in the right hand side screen, as seen above.
  2. Once you have clicked into the post you can comment on it, reply to comments, like, DM, and repost all through GatorSocial.
  3. You can also set it to be 'Marked as Done', add a note, or look at the audit trail for the post.
  4. A useful feature is you can assign posts to specific people which allows you to delegate. They will be notified to any activity on said post.