The Calendar View

The Calendar View within the new Gator Social is where you will clearly see all of your past, current, and future campaigns.
This is an interactive calendar so we will be taking you through some of its features in this article.

  1. To find the Calendar View select the icon highlighted above.
  2. Then navigate to the Calendar tab.
  3. You can use Filters to change how the Calendar looks. This will be explained further later on in this article.
  4. Here you can see the campaigns you have set for each day and their posts. All campaigns are color coded, so posts in one colour are from the same campaign.
  5. Here you can change the calendar layout from its default month view to daily or weekly.
  6. You can also change the date range here.
  7. Clicking into a post block will bring up a small preview of the post as seen in the screenshot below.

Setting a Filter

The above is the Filters option on the calendar screen. This enables you to only show items on your campaign calendar which match your specifications.

You can filter by Campaign Tag, Campaigns, Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn etc), Profiles, Statuses, Approval Statuses, and Users.
An easy example is to only show Twitter posts.

Once you have added in your filters, you can select 'Update' and this will change the Calendar View accordingly.