Creating a Post

With the release of the New Gator Social, the processes of creating your social posts have been adapted. This guide will walk you through step-by-step how it is done.

Via the Calender

There are two ways to create posts in Oktopost. The first is through Campaigns, the second is directly scheduling onto the Calender.

  1. Click onto the Calender view to open up a calender where you can see all of your scheduled posts.
  2. Click "New Post" to open up a pop up editor.

What next?

  1. Select which social platform you would like to share the post to. Your options are typically Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Type in your content. Write a short and snappy one liner, or a formal essay - the choice is yours!
  3. If you have already created a Campaign that you would like this post to be associated with, this drop down will allow you to select it.
  4. This button will allow you to add media to your content, such as images and videos. For example, a poster on your upcoming event.
  5. Here you can select if you are sending this post to a particular target audience in separate locations. This could be useful if you are creating separate posts to advertise a range of location specific events.
  6. Leaving this option as "Now" will send the post as soon as you click "Post Now". If you want to schedule it for another time/date, you can do so here. By clicking "Add Another", you can schedule the post to go out at several different times. Times will be based on the timezone of your account. Clicking the "Queue" button will add it to the queue of posts to be sent within your chosen timeframe, which can be updated in your AutoPoster settings.
  7. If you want your advocates to be able to share the post, clicking this button will put it on the advocacy board, from which your advocates can share to their own profiles.
  8. Select Message refers to if you were copying a previous post that went to a different platform, to save you recreating over and over again for each platform.

Once you have double checked these different options, you can either save the post as a draft, or click Post Now!


The post will then be visible on the campaign calender under the date you have chosen.