Campaign Analytics for Basic Accounts

Although Social Basic account users don't have access to the wealth of Analytics that the Social + accounts do, there are still some results to be found for your social posts.

First, navigate to the Analytics tab of your Campaign. Once there, the information provided is:

  1. Number of Posts sent within that Campaign
  2. Number of Impressions across those Posts (times they have been seen in a news-feed)
  3. Number of Engagements (times they have been interacted with)
  4. The different Networks that the Engagement has come from
  5. The Source of that Engagement
  6. Here is where you can download the above Results


7.     Here you can see your Top Engaging Posts

8.     Here are your Top Converting Posts (if you are using the Conversion Functionality)

9.     Here you would be able to see all of your converting Posts within this Campaign

If you have any questions about upgrading your Social account to access the full wealth of Analytics available to the Social + account, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact