How to Create a Group of Unsubscribed Contacts then Export

This article shows you how to export a list of all the contacts that are currently unsubscribed, to an Excel Worksheet for analysis.

Find the Unsubscribe Value

Find out the unsubscribe value

Go to the Unsubscribe Page.

  1. Check the unsubscribe field being used.
  2. Take a note of the Opt Out Value.

Add a New Group

Add a New Group
  1. Add new group
  2. Name your group
  3. Create group

Add a New Rule

  1. Add Rule

Adding a group rule

  1. Rule type- Contact
  2. Give the rule a description
  3. Contact field- Optin
  4. Operator- Is equal to
  5. Type in your opt out value
  6. Click Add


Final Stage

  1. Click on click to update- this will provide you with all the contacts that are unsubscribed.
  2. Export - this will export all your unsubscribed contacts to Excel.