Contacts Tab

Here you will find all your contacts that are in the products database.

Audience - Contacts

  1. Export to Excel the items in the table below, if you don't search, then this will export all contacts in the database.
  2. Select an attribute to search within.
  3. Type your search here.
  4. Add multiple search criteria by clicking the + button.
  5. Click to search.
  6. Clear the search.
  7. Tick to show newest contacts first.
  8. Click to add a new contact.
  9. This is the Email address of the contact.
  10. This is the First Name of the contact.
  11. This is the Last Name of the contact.
  12. This is the Company Name for the contact.
  13. Click here to display any blank email contacts.
  14. This allows you to export the contact.