How to Create Preference Center Fields

Now you have built the structure for your preference center, you need to create fields to populate the information through.

For Example, in your preference center you may have 'Monthly Newsletter'. For this you need to create a Monthly Newsletter field which if checked, will pull the contacts information into a certain group.
This is the process which we will be going through in this article.

Do bare in mind that this is only ONE way of setting up a Preference Centre as they are often bespoke to your needs, so we recommend you use this as a GUIDE ONLY.

If you do require further help please contact your Account Manager.

Creating your Contact Field

1. Hover over the 'Audience' tab.

2. Select 'Contact Fields'.

3. Click 'Add Attribute'.

Remember that you will only have a certain number of contact fields you are allowed to create. So ensure you have enough available to create your preference center.

  1. Enter the attribute name- this will be the name of the preference. Here at CommuniGator we recommend writing 'Pref' before the name of the preference as this allows you to easily identify the fields that are being used for the preference center. You should not use spaces in this field.
  2. Display name- Enter the display name in CommuniGator, we recommend that you keep the attribute name and display name the same so you or another user can easily identify the business object.
  3. Include in Contact Export - Have this box ticked as it will be easier to see the details of those who have filled it in.
  4. Data Type- Click on the drop down box and select the True/False option
  5. True Value- Enter the value that you would like to identify the contact as opted in i.e. True, Optin, Yes
  6. False Value- Enter the value that you would like to identify the contact as opted out i.e. False, Optout, No
  7. Is preference- If you are creating a 'Preference Centre' you can use the 'Yes' radio button option, this will display the contacts preference options on the summary of the contact record under audience/Contact/summary. But in the case of creating fields for personalisation, dynamic content, or building groups, you would select 'No'.
  8. Include Null values as True- If any contacts have null records for in their preference fields, you can use this box to change them to using the 'true' value by default.
  9. Include Blank Values as True- If you would like contacts that have no information in this field to be opted in then tick this box, if you would like them to be opted out then leave this block un-ticked.

Now you have created multiple fields for your preference center you need to create the Landing Page which displays the different preferences for contacts.
To learn how to do this, read this article which is the next step in the set-up process.