Import CSV Tab

This is where you can import a new CSV and see a list of past CSV imports.

Audience - Import CSV

  1. Audience Tab
  2. Import CSV

Import CSV

  1. Click here to add a start a CSV Import.
  2. Click here to use the filter search option.
  3. Click here to remove the filter/search you applied.
  4. Clicking a letter will show you all CSV Imports that start with that letter.
  5. This is the name of the CSV Import.
  6. This is the date the CSV Import was created.
  7. This is the status of the import.
  8. This is total number of rows detected on the CSV file being imported.
  9. This is the number of new contact records inserted into the database. If a contact on the CSV is a new contact to the products database, it will insert a new record.
  10. This is the number of contact records in the products database that have been updated. If a contact on the CSV is an existing contact, then their contact record will be updated.
  11. This is the number of duplicate rows (based on your accounts unique identifier, usually EmailLogin) found within the CSV, only one row is uploaded into the product.
  12. This is the number of errors within the CSV upload, these are rows that cannot be processed due to a problem within the row. Clicking on the number will export to excel a list of which rows and the reason for the error.
  13. Click this to stop the CSV Import.
  14. Click here to delete the CSV Import, this will NOT remove the contacts from the database or undo any updates the import made, it just removes the record of the import.
  15. Click here to export the CSV.
  16. This is your CSV Import pages navigation.
  17. You can select the number of items to show per page.
  18. This shows how many items are in the folder that you are currently in and over how many pages.

When you have added a CSV import and it starts to process you will see a start time and an end time. If it remains in the loading stage click refresh.

To learn more about importing a CSV file into CommuniGator, please read the following article.