Template Survey - Question Defaults

Email Marketing - Version 7 - Google Chrome

  1. This option controls whether answers are displayed below each other (vertical) or alongside each other (horizontal).
  2. This option controls where the answers are aligned; either tight to the left of the box or centralised.
  3. This sets the default length of a text box, for entering answers, in characters.
  4. This sets the height of MultiLine text boxes in rows.
  5. This sets the width of the Question Table. 100% allows the table to take up the maximum space available in the browser window.
  6. The boarder size in pixels.
  7. The boarder colour. with various options for entering a colour in the pop-up.
  8. Cell Spacing for the question cells
  9. Cell Padding for the question cells
  10. Question Cell background colour
  11. The alignment of the Question table within the survey table; either left or centre.
  12. A background image that can be set as an alternative to a background colour.