Conditional Notifications in Surveys

In the details section of surveys you can add conditional notifications, which will send a notification to an email address of your choosing when the survey is filled in, or when specific questions have been answered.

Please Note: Conditional Notifications are only available for questions which use Radio Buttons.

Setting up a Completion Notification
  1. In your Campaign head to the Survey Tab.
  2. Next to your survey there will be a pencil icon. Select this to Edit the survey.
  3. The Details tab of your survey will be opened up.
  4. Select the green + symbol to add a notification email.

5. Type in the email address required to be notified.
6. Select "Add".

The contact will appear in the record list.

Settings - Conditional Notifications

This method of adding a notification email is done through the Survey Settings screen, located under the Survey tab in Campaign Setup.

  1. Tick the checkbox for "Use Notification Emails".
  2. Select the green + symbol to expand the screen to add notification emails.
  3. Add the name of the notification.
  4. Add a subject for the notification if necessary.
  5. Select the email design that is sent to notee.
  6. Add the email address. If you do not have a specific email you would like to send the notification to, you can set it to information from the contact record. e.g. notification to be sent to contacts sales representative.
    Please Note: You can either manually type in an email or use this function, you cannot use both.
  7. Select "Add Notification".
Question Conditions Notifications

This method of notification emails is set up in the Question & Answers tab within the Survey itself. To access Question Conditions select the Question Conditions icon as shown below.

Question Conditions Notifications
  1. Select the question you would like the notification applied to (Conditional Notifications are only available for Radio Button Questions).
  2. Select the answer you would like the notification applied to
  3. Add
  4. You will receive and email notification if the question in the condition has the specified answer in the condition