System Defaults

The System Defaults section of the Tools tab enables you to set up defaults for new items that are created within the product.
You can find the system defaults screen by clicking on 'Tools' -  'System Defaults'.

This section includes Campaign Defaults, Tracking Defaults, Editor Defaults, Lead Score Defaults, Social Media Defaults and Other Defaults, and can save you a lot of time when setting up your next campaign. 

Campaign Defaults

  1. You can set the default sender alias here, meaning every time you create a new campaign, it will populate the the sender alias with the value held here.  This is very useful as it stays consistent.
  2. You can set the 'Reply To' email address here, meaning every time you create a new campaign the 'Reply To' address will remain the same. Please note the 'Reply To' address will also receive all out of office replies.
  3. This section allows you to change the default sender email address, as well as the default domain you are sending from. Please note that you can only use domains which have been set up within CommuniGator.
  4. 'Campaign Type' allows you to select the default type of campaign that you build i.e. if it is an Email, SMS or a Follow Up campaign.
  5. If you have set up your own unsubscribe function, we would recommend changing it from the default to the custom unsubscribe. This means when a new campaign is created it would use the custom unsubscribe rather than the default, which contains no branding and may not be consistent with the style of your emails or website.
  6. If you have a Send to a Friend process created, you can select it here, meaning every time you create a new campaign it will be selected automatically.
  7. This section allows you to set a default close time for the campaigns you create in CommuniGator. (Based on weeks).
  8. This section allows you to set a default close time for campaigns which is measured in months rather than weeks.
  9. If your CRM system is integrated with CommuniGator, you can set a close time which means that the campaign will stop sending results back to your CRM system once this time has elapsed.
  10. If this box is ticked, then by default, when you send a test campaign to an email address your subject line will be prefixed with the word 'preview.' This can save your colleagues from panic when they think you have sent the live campaign too early! 
  11. If you would like to add seed addresses, click on the 'Seed Addresses' button to add your seeds to the campaign. Please note that seeds must be contacts in the CommuniGator system in order for them to be added.
  12. If this box is ticked you can select whether you would like to de-dupe the audience automatically when sending campaigns. If it is selected, your audience will be automatically de-duped based on each contact's unique identifier (EmailLogin by default). If you do not have this feature, and would like it, please contact the support team whom will enable this feature for you.


Tracking Defaults

  1. If you have GatorLeads and would like the bring across the contacts from GatorMail to GatorLeads, select this option. This will add tracking so that you can see your audience's activity in GatorLeads. 
  2. When enabled, the GatorLeads tracking code will be added to any Landing Pages within your campaigns, and these pages will then have a default Lead Score of 1 point. You can amend this score and categorise it within the GatorLeads Page Admin menu. This only applies to Landing Pages. Website pages will be tracked in the normal way.
  3. Track UTMs in Google Analytics will add UTM values to the end of each URL which allows you to filter your results based on links or campaigns in GatorLeads and Google Analytics. If you select the pencil icon, you have the option to set the UTM values that you would like track inside CommuniGator. If this is selected, it means all links will have Google Analytics enabled as default, however, you still have the option to deselect this in the editor.  - The script icon appearing next to the pencil for Track UTMs in Google Analytics allows you to add your Google Analytics tracking script (JavaScript provided to you by Google Analytics). The script you add here will be loaded into your CommuniGator Landing Pages (using the settings configured by clicking on the pencil icon). Please note, this is not required for UTM tracking to pass to your website from tracked website links.
  4. If you select IntelliTracker it will be added to every link by default. However, you can turn this functionality off for selected links if you require.
  5. If you use Landing Pages on a regular basis that contain script, you can select the script as default.


Editor Defaults

  1. You are able to set the Character Set of the email, however if you only want to change it for a one-off campaign, change it under the 'Details' tab in the editor, as this will change it for any new email created.
  2. You can select the Doctype that you would like to set the email to have. Please note the Doctype is only applied when the creative is saved. If this setting has changed you must re-save any HTML items for it to apply.


Lead Score

If you use the Lead Score feature in CommuniGator you are able to select the different values for each action carried out. This will save you time as it means you won't need to set it for every new email.

Social Media Defaults

Did you know you can integrate CommuniGator with your Twitter account? All you need to do is enter your Twitter user name. This will then allow you to authorise your Twitter account meaning you will be able to share your emails with your Twitter followers.


Confirmation Opt In Defaults

  1. Select the Sender Email Address which you will use for your confirmation opt in.
  2. Select a Landing Page URL
  3. Select a default unsubscribe

For further exploration of Confirmation Opt In within system defaults, please read the following article.