Events - Mandatory Fields

This article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to set the fields on your event booking form to mandatory.

Field Visibility

Click on the Field Visibility tab in the event module of CommuniGator. This is the section where you select the fields that you would like to display on the booking form.

Enable Custom Validation

1) This box will provide you with a list of the fields that are included within the booking form, select the field that you would like to set as mandatory.

2) Enable Validation- Select the checkbox if you would like to enable validation- if you would like to set the field as mandatory you will need to ensure that the validation box is selected.

3) Set field as mandatory- If you would like to make the field mandatory please ensure that you have ticked the check box.

4) Set Mandatory Message- enter the text that you would like to enter as a mandatory message. When someone completes the form without including mandatory information, this is the message they will receive.

5) You also have the option to change the font colour by clicking on the drop-down next to the colour pallet.