How to Add a Campaign Seed List

Seed Address allows you to send one or more contacts the campaign regardless of these people existing in the campaign audience.  

This is useful for when your colleagues need to be notified of a campaign sending out, and they wish to see the email itself.

System Defaults

  1. Hover over the 'Tools' tab
  2. Select 'System Defaults'.

Campaign Defaults

Under Campaign Defaults, you can configure which contacts you want to use for the seed addresses

  1. The Sender Alias you wish to use.
  2. Your choice of Reply To address.
  3. Sender Email Address.
  4. Campaign Type preferred.
  5. A bespoke Unsubscribe.
  6. Send to a Friend option.
  7. Close Date weeks and/or months.
  8. Whether to apply the close date to integrated campaigns.
  9. Apply close date default to integrated campaigns.
  10. Prefix subject lines in tests with preview.


Manage Seeds

Click the 'Seed Addresses' button to manage who you would like to add as a seed address.

Adding Seeds

A pop up will appear where you can add manage seed addresses

  1. Click 'Add New Seed Address'


  1. Click 'Select Contact'.
  2. Click 'Add'.

Please Note: You can add as many contacts as you wish, it is not limited to one.

Campaign Seed Addresses

  1. Go to 'Campaigns'.
  1. Once in your campaign, click 'Show Advanced Options'

1. You will see here the number of seed addresses for the campaign.
Clicking 'Seed Addresses' brings up a pop up again showing the seeds.  

In here you can do four things:

  • Add new seeds unique to this campaign.
  • Delete a seed that has been added uniquely to this campaign.
  • Disable some default seeds if for some reason your system defaults are not appropriate.
  • Enable some default seeds if after disabling them you want to re-include again.

When the campaign is initiated it will also send to whomever is in the seed list.

Please Note: The seed functionality will not send for re-sends,campaign series, or other triggered sends.