Upload HTML for use in Emails & Landing Pages

The following document outlines how to upload HTML content into CommuniGator and the requirements of those uploads.

Please note that the restrictions we put in place are to help you have the best possible chance for your emails to be delivered into recipient inbox’s in a consistent manner. Although these emails are created in HTML, not all the same rules that apply to HTML based web pages can be adhered to, this is due to the fact that each email client and web browser has its own peculiarities’ in the way that it interprets and renders HTML code within a web browser.

Once you have created the HTML document to upload into CommuniGator you need to make sure that it meets the following criteria.

HTML format

HTML format

Remove HTML and body tags from the HTML code. CommuniGator strips the head and body from the HTML code as certain email clients will strip them.

CSS File

CSS File

Create a single Style tag at the top of the HTML and paste all CSS code in between the style tags. (Please note the screen shot below does not display all CSS code).  The CSS needs to be placed in a single line and contain any special HTML characters or encoding


Changing colour references

Change any 3 character hex codes to 6 character hex codes. (#fff to #fffffff).

Image folder/image reference in HTML code

Remove all spaces from image names, make sure you remove the spaces to the file references in the HTML code.

Once your HTML code meets the criteria you are ready to move onto the next stage.




  1. Create an image folder- make sure the image names match the reference in the HTML code.
  2. Insert all images into this folder. Do not create any subfolders.


Zip File

Zip File
  1. Zip the HTML File and the Image Folder into a single zip file.
  2. Your zip should contain an HTML file and an Image Folder in the root of the Zip.

Below are screen shots of how it should look:

Now you are ready to upload the HTML file within your CommuniGator instance.



Uploading into CommuniGator

The HTML Upload section can be found under templates- HTML Upload, it simply allows you to upload a file with HTML and images inside it straight into the product. This allows you to create a new template or an actual Email or Landing Page from some HTML you have designed outside of the product. The HTML Upload is similar to the Image Upload whereby you can manage the images.

Above is a screen shot of what the HTML Upload looks like inside of CommuniGator.

HTML Upload functionality

  1. The first option is to select where you would like the images to be saved to either an images folder that already exists or create a new image folder. We would always recommend making a new folder as if the images are called the same name that already exists in your CommuniGator system the HTML upload will fail.
  2. The next option is type, this allows you to select whether it is an email or a Landing Page.
  3. There is template option, Yes or No, that allows you to select whether you would like the HTML to be saved in the template section or the email or Landing Page section of CommuniGator depending on what type of HTML file you are trying to upload.
  4. Selecting ‘Make links trackable?’ means it will add the CommuniGator tracking code to each one of the URLS that are referenced in the HTML code.
  5. Track in Google Analytics is similar to the ‘Make links trackable?’ option except that this will add the UTM values onto the end of your URLS which means Google analytics will be able to track the source of the link.
  6. On selecting to retrieve your HTML from a Zip file you will have the option to browse your computer to find the Zip file that you would like to upload to CommuniGator.
  7. The ‘Name’ is what will appear inside of CommuniGator in either the creative tab or the template tab depending on the type option selected.
  8. Once you have completed the above page you will be able to progress by clicking the process button. Once the process button has been selected it will inform you if the HTML file has successfully uploaded or not.