Landing Page Comparison

Spotler have two types of Landing Pages for you to utilise;

1. Campaign Landing Pages

2. Public Landing Pages

This article will discuss the differences between them both, to help you decide which version is better for you.

Campaign Landing Page Analysis

A Campaign Landing page is a Landing Page that is accessed via a GatorMail email. Typical Landing Pages might include a Smart Form, with the idea being to squeeze more information out of your contacts. The benefit of directing to a Landing Page rather than a page on your website would be to remove any distractions of your site, aiming to maximise the chances of form submission.

Pros Cons
Limit Accessibility to individuals who have received a GatorMail email from you If forwarded on, activity from forwarded contact will be attributed to original contact
Links from your landing page to your website will cookie clickers so you can track the contact's activity in GatorLeads
Can only be accessed via GatorMail Campaigns
Any engagement with the Landing Page will be found in the Campaign Results
Can add in personalisation to enhance the user experience

Public Landing Page Analysis

A Public Landing Page generates a live URL, which means that you can use it it a few different ways. You could include it in your Social posting, your Popups and even for your PPC campaigns. As with Campaign Landing Pages, the idea would be to squeeze some information out of the viewers, especially as Public Landing pages do not record the identity of viewers.

Pros Cons
Does not require a GatorMail campaign in order to access, and therefore can be distributed more easily
No identifying information in results, only numbers of clicks
Can integrate with GatorLeads to pick up and track company activity on the landing page
Can't include personalisation features

Capability Comparison

Campaign Landing Page
Public Landing Page
Can I include in an email? Yes Yes
Can I link in a Social Post? No Yes
Can I link from a Popup? No Yes
Can I use for my PPC/CPC? No Yes
GatorMail editor
Yes Yes
GatorCreator editor Yes Yes
Supports Form Fills Smart Forms, Button Web Capture Smart Form only
Tracks and Identifies the visitors? Yes No
Track in GatorLeads? Yes Yes
Personalisation? Yes


Below is an example of a Campaign Landing Page that we at Spotler UK used last year for our awards.

The next example is one of our Public Landing Pages created to promote one of our customer testimonials.

If you would like some training on how to build your own Landing Pages, or would like us to build them for you, please speak to your Account Manager.