How to Insert a Landing Page Link & Attach it to a Campaign

Linking to a landing page is a great way of taking the recipient through to private content, dynamic content or a pre-populated form.  

1. Remember the 'landing page Reference Number' for later. This is especially important for when you have multiple LP links.

2. If you're using the Lead Score functionality in GatorMail, you can also assign it to a 'Lead Score Category' and give it score.

Attach your Landing Page to a Campaign

Please Note: It must be a traditional campaign in order to add landing pages.

1. Select your Campaign.

2. Select the landing page tab within the campaign module

3. Select 'Existing landing page'.

If you haven't yet created the landing page, you have the ability to select the New landing page, where you can build it using the Drag and Drop Editor or the HTML Editor.

3. Select the landing page you created.

4. Remember to change the Reference Number to the landing page number you received when creating it.

5. Select 'Attach landing page.'