GatorMail Consent: Confirmed Opt In

The confirmed opt in process allows two methods of approach for consent, 'Standard single COI', this is the method that most customer should adopt or 'Custom COI' this supports the need for multiple COI fields, typically this is set up for an agency style business with multiple brands to allow consent to be sent per brand.

For 'Custom COI' you need to speak to your account manager or the support team to ask for this to be turned on.

Standard Confirmed Opt In

To find out how to setup a standard single COI process click here

Custom Confirmed Opt In

1. To use custom COI go to tools, 'Confirm Opt in' and click 'Add New Confirmation Opt In'

2. Provide a name and description if required, for the Confirmation Opt in
3. Select the check box to enable custom COI
4. You can either create a new fields or select from an existing field from the tab/drop down menu.
5. Now click 'Create New'.

When the COI statement is recorded against the contact in GatorMail, we will display the COI field this is recorded against.