Events: Master workflow

What do we want to achieve?

When managing events, it can be a stressful process, from finding the venue, organising guest speakers and sending out the invites. To help ensure the event goes without a hitch and alleviate some of the stress, our Event Master Workflow is here to automate the journey that contact takes.

Please note this master events workflow does not contain the post-event feedback stages. This can be built as a separate workflow - which is what we would recommend doing if you have enough workflow allowance as it means If you need to make any amends to a certain section then you can do without pausing the rest of the workflow. It can also be integrated as part of this master workflow though.

What is the benefit?

This workflow helps automate the event process from start to finish so that once setup you can pretty much leave it to do its thing! Furthermore, with Gatorworkflow you are able to send customised notification emails when the contact does book on that pull in the individuals details into the email and even pull in the email address the notification is going to, via the attribute data (account manager), so that only the relevant account manager is notified.

By using conditions that look at whether or not the contact has booked onto the event after each invite, we can ensure the below:

  • Not booked on  we can send another invitation to try and increase the number of contacts booking on
  • Booked on  No further invites needed, can notify account manager so they have the details needed.

The journey:

  1. The contacts enter the workflow via a GatorMail entry stage
  2. They receive the first save the date email.
  3. They move to a wait stage for 14 days.
  4. They receive the second save the date email.
  5. They move to another 14 day wait stage.
  6. They then receive the final save the date email.
  7. They move to another 14 day wait stage.
  8. We then store the accountmanageremail attribute data in the workflow for use later on in the workflow via a ‘store contact value’ stage.
  9. The contact then receives the first Invite campaign
  10. They move to another 14 day wait stage.
  11. There is then a condition that checks if the lead has booked onto the event.
  12. If the contact hasn’t booked onto the event, they then move onto receiving the second invite campaign and continue on through the above process of a wait period and a condition until they book on or reach the fourth condition and still haven’t booked on in which they then exit.
  13. If the contact does book on then they get added to a group for those that have booked on. A notification email is then sent to the Account Manager for that contact with the contacts details in to let them know they’ve booked on. They then move towards the final exit stage.


If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.