Events: Save the date workflow

What do we want to achieve?

Before an event you may want to send out communications to let contacts know of an upcoming event so they can save the date in their diaries ahead of time and thus increase the chance of them being available for the event before the invite is received.

Below is an example of the save the date email you could create for this workflow.

What is the benefit?

This workflow will help increase bookings by ensuring people are aware of the event (and the event date) ahead of time to hopefully avoid them having other things booked on that date if interested in booking on.

With GatorWorkflow you can setup this journey up ahead of time and leave it to do its thing and also easily amend it if and when needed. Furthermore, you also have the option to add additional stages like conditions (e.g. opened the email or not) and add contacts into an audience group depending on this engagement etc.

One thing to note with this particular workflow is that if you were to keep it as simple as the stages below (without any additional conditions etc.) then you could also create this using ‘campaign series’ rather than using a workflow allowance.

The journey

  1. The contacts enter the workflow via the GatorMail entry stage.
  2. They receive the first save the date email.
  3. They move to a wait stage for 14 days.
  4. They receive the second save the date email.
  5. They move to another 14 day wait stage.
  6. They then receive the final save the date email before moving to the final exit stage.

If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.