Events: Send Internal Email - Booked on Event

What do we want to achieve?

This workflow allows the account manage/chosen contact to be notified that a contact has booked onto the event. It uses a group with an event rule in that pulls contacts who book onto the event into the group and thus into this workflow to allow the notification to trigger.

What is the benefit?

This saves the time of going into the group/event and checking if any new contacts have booked on as we are notified of this instead. It also means we can then take the relative action needed and have all the information in one place if we need to get in touch with them.

The journey:

  1. The contacts enter the workflow via a GatorMail entry stage , this group has a rule within it to pull in anyone that’s booked onto the event.
  2. They move to a send notification stage which sends an email notification to let the chosen contact/s know who has booked onto the event and pulls in any relevant information.
  3. The contact then moves to the exit stage.


If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.