How to Upload a HTML File

The HTML Upload section allows you to upload a file with HTML (including images) straight into the Editor.
This allows you to create a new template or an actual email (etc) from HTML you have designed outside of the product.

The HTML Upload is similar to the Image Upload whereby you can manage the images, but also includes more functionality for the HTML itself.


Uploading your HTML File

  1. Hover over the 'Tools' tab.
  2. Select HTML Upload
Uploading a HTML File

There are two methods of uploading HTML, via a Zip file or via a URL. 
If you have a zip file there are a few conditions which must be met before uploading. 

  1. The zip file must have the following folder structure: 

  1. /myhtmlfile.html
  2. /images/myimage.png
  3. /images/myimage2.gif etc. 


Ensure only one HTML or HTM file is present in the zip file you upload. 


Image folder names cannot contain spaces or non-alphanumeric characters. This is because many email clients will not render images which do not follow this convention. 


Please Note: For the URL feature, not all HTML on an external URL is compatible with the upload. Any that do not work 100% are not supported. 

  1. Once you have selected the file or URL there are some choices to make: 

  1. Save Images To - Allows you to set a destination for the images in the zip file.
  2. Type - Allows you to select if the upload should make an Email or LZ.
  3. Is Template? - Allows you to select if the upload should make a template or not.
  4. Make Links Trackable - Do you want the upload to set all links to trackable links automatically?
  5. Retrieve HTML From - This is where you select your file or URL.
  6. Name - What name do you want to give your new Email or LZ?
  7. Description - Allows you to enter a description. 

Once all options are chosen simply click "Process" and the upload will begin.