Consequences of Copying an Email

In email creation CommuniGator has a very powerful function, which is being able to create a new email using a previous one as a base.
This is very useful when you are trying to make only a few changes to a previous email.  

In this article we will address the consequences of copying an Email.

When creating a new email, using the "Copy..." option there are a couple of things we need to keep in mind once the copy has been made.

  1. Check the links. Checking the links is vital as links from the previous email might be pointing to an undesired location.
  2. Make sure the new content is correct, it is very easy to lose yourself in an existing text and miss an important edit.
  3. Correct any mistakes you might have noticed in the previous email as if this is not done you are at risk of propagating an existing error. One of the most common ones is in design, the wrong font type or size, an unintended character, etc.

Please Note: CommuniGator always recommends making use of templates when creating emails.
Working with emails that have been made by copying copies as part of a daily process can lead to degradation of the HTML code and may lead to problems.