Using Templates

The quickest way to build your campaign email designs is through the use of a template.

A template is a master document that will carry your structure and design for your emails that you can apply into any new email that you create for a campaign.

Your Email Templates will be built and stored within the Templates tab on the left hand menu bar.

Why use email templates?

Email templates allow you to significantly speed up the process of sending email and to build email newsletters. Addressing, formatting, heading and signing your messages are simple tasks, but these menial tasks add up to a lot of time rather quickly. Using email templates will let you to focus on the content of your message rather than the format.

We would always recommend to use Email Templates when building your Email Designs to ensure that all marketing communications are in line with Company Branding, reducing the risk of users going rogue with their Email Designs. Using a Template rather than copying an existing Email Design also reduces the risk of replicating an error across multiple different sends, i.e a broken link carried across multiple campaigns.

Using your own HTML for your template.

If you are having difficultly creating a template from scratch, you can use our HTML upload feature to import external HTML into Spotler. Please review the help guide URL below for further assistance: (