The Details Tab

This help article will provide you with in depth knowledge on the Details Tab inside the Creative -> Email section of the product.
The following features allow you to apply external CSS code, select a Lead Score category for the email, and change the name of the email.

Where to Find Me

Where to find the Details  tab

The Details Tab appears at the top of the editor next to the text button.

Design Details

Design Details
  1. Name - This is the name of the email, you can change this and this will change the name of the email.
  2. CSS File - If you would like to use an external CSS file (A file that has been saved in the Tools -> CSS File section) then you can select the CSS file that you would like to use by clicking the "A" icon. Please note some email clients will not pick up the CSS code. We recommend adding the CSS code to the top of your HTML code but you will need to ensure that there are no head and body tags as this can prevent the CSS code from being read. If inserting the CSS code to the HTML panel ensure that you add the Style tags. You can find out more on implementing CSS here:
  3. Description - This section allows you to put a description of the email.  This is for your use only and the contacts receiving the email will not see this. This is a good way to differentiate your emails and give other CommuniGator users an insight on what the email is for.
  4. Lead Category - If you are using Lead Scores within CommuniGator, you can select the Lead Score Category that you would like to use and this will bring across the values. When setting up a Lead Category you are able to set the value of opens, links. You can then review the contacts that hit a certain lead band and contact them further. If you have to manually add the Lead Score category each time you can change this by going into your system defaults. You can find out more about Lead Score here.
  5. Lead Category Score - If you would like to change the default value of the Lead Score category for this email you can do so by entering the value here. For example, if this email is of high importance then you can set the Lead category score to be higher than what it is as a default. You can also do this for the tracked links within the email.
  6. Character Set- If you would like to use a different character set for your email you can click on the drop down and select the correct set.  A character set is a defined list of characters recognised by the computer hardware and software of the contacts device. You can change the default character set by going to Tools -> System defaults. UTF-8 is currently the most reliable character set available on the market.

Please Note: The name will only update when you click save, or save and close. If the email has already been attached to the campaign you will not need to reattach the email. CommuniGator will recognise the change and update it automatically.