System Defaults - Confirmation Opt In

The following article will detail the layout of the Confirmation Opt In Defaults which live in System Defaults.




  1. Here you will set up the default Sender Email Address for use in your unsubscribes.
  2. Select the Landing Page URL to use for the unscubscribe.
  3. Select the Unsubscribe here.


This is just the confirmation statement that is required in compliance with GDPR Regulations.


These settings are design settings for the unsubscribe i.e. button colour, background colour, etc.



Sign Up Email

  1. Tick this box if you wish to send a confirmation email on sign up
  2. Give the email a subject line
  3. Give the email a sender alias
  4. Provide a reply-to to add
  5. Provide a Preview Header


Preview Email



Already Confirmed Message

  1. Select whether to navigate to a URL instead of a confirmation page.
  2. Provide the URL