Adding a Custom Field to an Event Booking Form

When creating an event, you may have fields you want the customer to tick in order to confirm details.
For example, you may want a custom field, which allows the user to tick if they are allergic to dogs.

These fields enable you as the host to cater for multiple choices, or ask for multiple opinions.

Creating these fields is easy and quick. Read further to discover how.

Create a Custom Field

Custom Fields in Spotler are the same as Business Object Attributes, they just have different names.

1. Head to Audience -> Contact Fields.

2. Select 'Add Attribute'

3. Give the attribute a name you can associate with your field.

4. Provide a display name. This will show inn the public field.

5. Select the 'Data Type'. This will change depending on what you want the field to be.

6. Save!

True/False=  This creates a checkbox with the option to insert a true/false value. Such as, true= 'I like this product', false= 'I don't like this product'.
Number = This allows the customer to input numbers into the field.
Date = This allows the customer to input numbers into the field.
DropDown = This allows the customer to choose from a list of options presented in a drop down format. This only allows one answer to be chosen.
RadioButtonList = This allows the customer to choose multiple answers from a list presented in a dropdown format.


Attach to an Event Booking Form

Head to Events -> Event Setup and select your event form if you have already created one. If not, select 'Add New Event'.

1. Within your event head to the 'Field Visibility' tab.

2. You will see a list called 'Booking Field Visibility' -> 'Business Object Attributes'.

Here is where you scroll down in the list to find the custom field you have created.

3. Tick the box for the field you have created. This will add it to your booking form.