iFrame vs Smart Form

Spotler offer two different types of Web Capture forms for you to utilise. This article aims to equip you with the tools to decide which is better for you.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame (Inline Frame) is a tag that was developed in the late 1990's, as a way to host another HTML element within an existing one - think of it like a window into your website.

With the development of Smart Forms, iFrames are now typically used by those with an older/custom built website that does not support the <form> tag.

There are some accessibility issues worth noting, for example Screenreaders have trouble reading the iFrame if there is no title set.

What is a Smart Form?

A Smart Form is a newer model of hosting web capture forms on your website. They are easier and quicker to setup, and allow for the "smart" aspects such as adding submitted contacts to audience groups in GatorMail, adding contacts to campaigns, sending notifications to internal members of the team, and re-directs based on Page URL or Field Data choices.

The core setup happens in GatorMail, and the form is then styled according to the CSS of your webiste.

iFrame Web Captures Smart Forms
Design/Style in GatorMail Yes
Supports Page URL/Field Data Rules No
Requires user with HTML background Yes No
Are changes automatically reflected in live form? Yes
Yes (Single Script) No (Embedded Code)
Supports links in text areas Yes
Integrates with GatorPopup Yes (Custom popup)
Yes (Form popup)

If you would like to arrange some training on either of the web capture form options we have, or for us to build them for you, please contact your Account Manager.