Event Details

Basic Details

Once you have created your Event, you will be taken to the screen below. The Event Details Tab is the default starting tab.

There are many options presented to you here but only those around event name, times, etc are required, plus any others that you may like to use as merge fields within event invitation, confirmation emails, and reminder emails.

1. Setting your event to 'Active' will make it bookable and live within your iFrame if you are publishing events on your website.

2. The Event Landing Zone URL allows you to select which domain you want to appear in the URL of the event page.

   The Event URL can be added to a private email and sent to a recipient manually outside of an email campaign.

3. Event Start Page - If this is set as Booking Form it will take you straight to the event form. If this is set as Landing Page it will take you to a long description of the event and then onto the booking form.

4. This section allows you to integrate a meeting with a GoToWebinar.

5. Select the payment option for your event. We recommend Paypal for paid events due to security reasons.

6. Select your Currency.

7. Enter your VAT code.

8. To add a new location select the green + button.

9. Set a total number of places for your event. Once the total has been reached and people are still trying to book on, you can enable a waiting list.

Advanced Details

Clicking on 'Show Advanced Options' expands the section to show Advanced Details, Discount Details, and Categories.

1. Set a boundary of when delegates must book by.

2. Select who manages the event. Clicking the plus button will allow you to add new event managers, including email address and contact numbers.

3. Move the event into one of your existing folders.

4. If you wish to have a discount system for large groups of people then you can set it up here.

5. Categories are mainly used for when adding events to your website, so you can choose to assign the event to one or more categories.

6. You also have the ability to copy an Event.