Reminder Emails

You can set up as many different reminder emails as suits your requirements, below is how to attach them. Your Reminder emails will need to be built prior to attaching them to the Event.

1. Click Insert Reminder

2. Give your Reminder a Name, example "1 week before"

3. Click Add

  1. You can change your Reminder Name here
  2. Select the Send Method. Your options are Date or Days (before the event)
  3. Enter the date/number of days before the event that this reminder is going to be sent
  4. Select the Reminder Audience that will receive the Reminder. Either single person or group of people
  5. Enter in the details of the person responsible for organising the Event - First & Last Name and Email
  6. Select the email design to be used
  7. Enter your subject line

Please Note: tracked links are not supported in these emails, nor is dynamic content or salutations.