Deploy to Web: Add event sign up forms to your website

Your events may be shown on your website, allowing to people to book directly on to your events without the need of an email.
This is created within the deploy to web area.

  1. Click here to add a new Event IFrame.
  2. Click here to use the filter search option.
  3. Click here to remove the filter/search you applied.
  4. Clicking a letter will show you all Event IFrames that start with that letter.
  5. This is the name of the Event IFrame.
  6. This is the description of the Event IFrame, the descriptions are not searchable but can still be useful.
  7. This is the date the Event IFrame was created.
  8. This allows you to delete an event.


  1. The categories of events should be visible within the panel
  2. Small list, Large list that display more information, or a single-event that rotates
  3. Get HTML