Editing Table Properties via the Breadcrumb

The Breadcrumb Trail makes editing and changing tables much easier than trying to select them in the design area.
It shows you the elements of each selected item as well as giving you the option to edit and delete elements without selecting them in the design canvas

Finding the Breadcrumb

You will find the Breadcrumb Trail at the bottom of the design canvas, underneath the bottom tabs.
Breadcrumbs work from left to right with the main table being the far left breadcrumb and the inner tables working their way to the right.


Selecting the Main Table

When ‘TABLE’ is clicked within the Breadcrumb, the table in the editor is highlighted in yellow so you can easily see which table you are editing.

Click the cross icon on the top left corner of the table to bring up the correct table properties.

Editing your Table

  1. Width - Set the width of your table in either pixels or % e.g. 600px, 100% etc.
  2. Height - Set the height of your table in either pixels or % e.g. 150px, 400px etc.
  3. Cell Spacing -
  4. Cell Padding -
  5. Border Colour - Set border color of your table.
  6. Border Width - Set the border width of your table.
  7. Alignment - Set your table alignment e.g. top centre.
  8. Background - If you wish for your table to have a background color set it here.
  9. Table Properties - Clicking on this icon brings up a screen with an overview of your table properties.

Removing an Element

You are also able to remove elements from your design, such as removing a table within a table using the Breadcrumbs.
This is done by selecting an element from the Breadcrumb and clicking 'Remove Element'.

Please Note: If you remove the element from the far left table your whole email will be removed.
                    In this case if 'Ctrl-Z' does not reverse your action, 'Snapshot Manager' should help retrieve a previously saved version of your design.