Adding a Supersubject Line

Preview text is a snippet of copy pulled in from the body of your email and typically displayed underneath the from name and subject line in the recipients inbox. It is alternatively referred to as snippet text or a pre-header.

Preview text can capture your recipient’s attention, encouraging them to open the email. Preview text can also influence behavior, getting recipients to scroll and take specific actions within the email.

To discover how to add this in to your emails please read this guide for instructions.

Step 1

Open up the email in Creative -> Email.

Step 2

Click on the HTML tab

Step 3

Below the CSS style sheet, above the opening table tag, you should see a Div tag

Step 4

Within this Div tag you can change the content to say what you want the supersubject line to be e.g. 'Welcome to your monthly newsletter'.

Change this to your desired text and save the email. Now this will appear when you preview and send the email to your customers.