File Manager

Here you can access the Image Manager, Document Manager, Flash Manager and the Media Manager, from here you can upload new files and create sub folders.

Please Note: If you rename or move items it may prevent them from working in a live campaign.

  1. Click here to view the Image Manager.
  2. Click here to view the Document Manager
  3. Click here to view the Flash Manager.
  4. Click here to view the Media Manager.
  5. Action buttons, hover over each one to see what they do.
  6. This is the folder tree.


Uploading a File

  1. Select 'Upload'. This will bring up the adjacent screen.
  2. Clicking 'Select' will allow you to upload the file from your computer.
  3. Tick this box to overwrite a file if one with the same name exists.
  4. Select 'Upload'. It will then appear in the dashboard of the 'Image Manager' tab.