Snapshot Manager User Guide

Snapshot Manager is a function in the HTML Editor that protects the end user from losing their work. Snapshots are taken automatically and whenever the user saves their email.  

A configurable number of snapshots are kept per design, and a configurable interval between the automatic snapshots can be set.  
By default this will be 10-15 snapshots and one every 5 minutes. When the next snapshot is made it will overwrite the oldest one.  
By default the date and time is saved into the name of snapshot.

To save a particular snapshot, lock it and that version will always be kept.

If the user wants to revert a snapshot the system will take another snapshot of what they are about to revert from and mark it as protected.  
That way there is no danger that the latest is ever overwritten by further snapshots.  

All snapshots save both the current HTML and TEXT version, thus any revert will revert versions.

Snapshots are saved showing the user that it was created for. As well as for informational purposes, it is also used to stop anyone other than that user from changing snapshots not created by them.  Customers that have multiple users can therefore protect snapshots that remain there until only they say otherwise.

Snapshot Manager is available in the following places:

  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Web Captures

Locating the Snapshot Manager

Within the HTML Editor the Snapshot Manager is located next to the Save buttons.

Basic Navigation

On click of the Snapshot Manager you will get the pop-up above.

1. This will show you the number of snapshots you have, the date, and the time they were created. Clicking on each snapshot will preview it in on the right.

2. These tabs show you your email preview in HTML or Text version.

3. The Details Tab allows you to edit the name of the snapshot, and show in what instance it was created and on who's account.

4. This allows you to lock a snapshot so it will not be overwritten by subsequent snapshots. You can do this for as many snapshots as you want, but it will not save any snapshots beyond 15 if they are all locked in.

5. Revert allows you to select a snapshot and go back to that version of your email. This will save so be sure you want to do so.