Using the Salutation Tool

The HTML editor allows different salutation fields to be added, whether the data is available or a default has to be used.
For example, if you store the contacts First Name in the system then you can use the salutation tool to retrieve this data. You can then enter some default text to show if the contact has no first name in the system, "Dear Customer" perhaps.

  1. Place your cursor where you would like the salutation to go.
  2. Click on the Insert Salutation icon on the right hand side of the editor.

Add Salutation Identifier

You may choose to have more than one salutation within an email and each one will need to have a unique name.
This Identifier is for internal use only and will not be seen by your contacts.

The Salutation Screen

  1. Choose the field that you would like the system to look at.
  2. Insert what you would like to be displayed if the field selected can populate. This is usually a custom link of the above field but occasionally it might not be.
  3. Insert what you would like to be displayed if the above field is blank. This is the alternative text.
  4. Once you are happy click 'Save and Close'.

Finished Salutation

A Salutation Field is now inserted.

Please Note: Your recipient will not see the orange box shown above! This is purely for your benefit in the email design.