How to separate content sections using HTML

An important aspect of 'best practice' email design is to try to keep the use of images to a minimum. This helps to reduce spam scores and also makes the email 'lighter,' which again helps ensure that it does not get sent to a spam folder.
If you use images to separate different sections of your email then this code will really benefit you, as it means you won't need to use an image. All you need is a snippet of HTML.
Don't worry though - you don't need any coding experience, and we have laid out exactly what you need to do in the guide below. 

Step 1)

Click on the HTML tab in the editor.

Step 2)

Find the end of the  table where you would like to input the splitter. (see the highlighted section in our example above). 

Step 3)

Step 3)

At the end of the table (we have highlighted exactly where you need to paste the code to in the image above) you will need to insert the code below:

<table width="100%" bgcolor="#c60751" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">          



               <td height="1"></td>      




The section bgcolor="# is where you enter the HEX value of the background colour that you would like to use. The HEX value should appear immediately after the #. 

Step 4)

Step 4)

If you go back into the editor you will see the line that has been inserted. By using this code, you can ensure that the size of the table won't increase in different email clients. You are also reducing your spam score as you are not including an image.
It will also be noticebale when the recipient previews the email but doesn't click to download the images, allowing you greater control over your formatting and design.